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The Boys Club - New Members

The Boys Club - New Members

Illustrations and story by: Anne Parrish

Suitable for all ages.

Available at: Trafford Publishing

List price: US$12.50, C$14.37, EUR 10.27, Sterling 7.19

Edition: Saddle Stitched & illustrated (24 Pages)
ISBN: 1-4120-7956-X (Catalogue #05-2854)
Publisher: Trafford Publishing, a division of Trafford Holdings Ltd.

Orphaned strays, living in a garage, want to become members of a club and part of a family. They must overcome their fears and learn to trust themselves and humans.

This story is about my cats and seeing a world through their eyes. I thank "my boys" for unknowingly, through their actions, inspiring me to write this book about them. The story introduces all the members of The Boys Club, and their mission to bring in two orphaned strays, as new members of the club.

Sammy and Tiny Tim are in search of a family to belong to and ask members of an exclusive club how to join. The strays live in the garage, while the club members live in the clubhouse with two humans, called Mommy and Daddy. Winter is coming, and the only thing holding them back is... they do not trust humans.

Can the club members convince the strays that not all humans are bad? Will Sammy and Tim overcome their fears and choose a life with humans or will they remain orphans without a family to call their own?

About the Author:

Growing up in the small towns of New Hampshire, living in the country, I've been exposed to animals all my life -the wildlife in N.H. and my own pets. I am very lucky to have all of my boys in my life. Through their actions, they have taught me unconditional love, to play and have fun, and to explore the unknown and to trust. As children, it comes naturally, but when we grow up and become adults, we forget. I truly believe that dogs and cats are very much like human children. They rely so much on us, learn from us and love us, every day of the week and all they want is to be loved and cared for.

Animal cruelty is a horrible reality and sadly is common in our society. This is why my husband and I are volunteers for our local humane society. I can only hope that the next generations will be kinder to their pets and learn to appreciate them.

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