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Allergic To Pets?

Allergic To Pets? : The Breakthrough Guide to Living with the Animals You Love.

By: Shirlee Kalstone

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US List Price: $7.99
UK List Price: £4.24
Paperback 147 pages (31st January, 2006)
Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN: 0553383671

Book Description

Allergic to Pets? addresses the problem that plagues allergic animal lovers everywhere: how to live with a pet you love when you (or a family member) are allergic to it.

Sensitivity to animals is one of the most frequently diagnosed allergies–yet until now, allergic animal lovers have been faced with only two choices: give up their beloved pets or live with the suffering. Finally help is here! Allergic to Pets? is the first book to provide effective advice for cohabiting with cats, dogs, small furry pets, birds, and even horses. Renowned pet expert Shirlee Kalstone explains:

  • What causes an allergic reaction and how to ward off the worst of it.
  • How to care for your hairy, furry, and feathered pets (and their environments) to minimize allergens.
  • A room-by-room guide to allergen-proofing your home.
  • When to get professional assistance: medicines for the sufferer as well as nontoxic allergen-reducing products formulated specifically for animals.
  • And much more!

Allergic to Pets? is an indispensable resource for animal-loving allergy sufferers everywhere, packed with much-needed advice, explanations, and helpful tips.

About the Author

Shirlee Kalstone is an internationally recognized expert on pets for over twenty years, and has published numerous books on pet health care, first aid, grooming, behavioUr problems and housebreaking, including including How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days.

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: K. Johnson (United States): This book is fantasitc. The level of detail is deep covering not only a clinical description of what makes us allergic to our pets, but specifically how to live with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even horses. I've been asthmatic all my life and I found the "how to allergy proof your home" section, one of the best references on the subject I've read.

I can finally get my daughter her kitty she's been pestering me for years. With the help of this book, I now know exactly what to do so I don't kill myself in the process.

A Boy and His Cat, March 5, 2006 - Reviewer: Cat Man (Philadelphia, PA): For years I yearned for a kitten, however, allergies tempered that dream. After picking up a copy of Allergic to Pets? I can now live comfortably with my wonderful kitten. I highly recommend this book.

I Can Breathe Easier! February 24, 2006 - Reviewer: Jake's Mom: I am so glad that I picked up a copy of Allergic to Pets? The book contains lots of great information about pet allergies that I haven't read anywhere else. My husband and son can now live with our adorable "Jake" and the visiting "grandkitty" Gus!

Red eyes and sneezy like me? Reviewer: Sneezy (Florida): For years I have suffered with red eyes and lots of sneezing. My only professional advice had been 'get rid of your cat.' I saw this book, bought it and must say that in a matter of just a few weeks I have far fewer symptoms. This book explains in simple terms just what should be done to live much more comfortably with your pet. If you're serious about wanting to reduce your pet allergy problems then this is the book to get.

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