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Cat People

By Michael & Margaret Korda.

Cat People

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Hardback - 164 pages - Release date: 17th August, 2006
ISBN: 0340909501

Synopsis: In this perfect book for cat-lovers everywhere, this hilarious journey through the lives of self-confessed "Cat Lovers" Michael and Margaret Korda, introduces the reader to a wonderful assortment of people whose lives, like their own, revolves around their feline friends. From Churchill's cat Nelson who was included in many important political decisions, to a cat who enjoyed meals cooked by New York's finest chefs, the comical and often touching anecdotes will strike a chord in the heart of anyone who has ever loved cats. The Kordas discuss the fascinating charm of cats including those that have changed their own lives, and celebrate the joys and sometimes heartache life with a cat can bring.

Review: We read that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. In fact, if one of the household cats died, the owners were so grief stricken that they shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. Well, I'm not quite sure that Margaret and Michael Korda would go that far, but as revealed in "Cat People" they are inordinately fond of their felines.

Michael Korda, a best selling author and editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster, not only has a way with words but also a way with line drawing - his whimsical illustrations accompany a thoroughly enjoyable narrative as the Kordas share anecdotes about cats - his, hers, theirs, plus those of their neighbours and friends.

As we discover with sometimes disastrous, frequently funny situations, each of the toms and tabbies has a distinct personality and definite predilections. There is super cat Napoleon who tumbled out of a four story window, "dropped four floors down, landed on top of the building's cloth canopy, thus breaking his fall, bounced on the heavy canvas then took a flying leap to the top of a dividing brick wall."

Once they were living in the country the Kordas were visited by any number of cat boarders, all of whom were well loved. There was Mumsie whose favourite meal was breakfast. She liked to take it seated at the table between the marmalade jar and the teapot. And, Chutney with his "Buddha-like wisdom and calm." When he died, the Kordas had him cremated and kept his ashes and bowl in a closet for many years.

The reminiscences go on, and one is sorry when they end. Cat lovers will want to invite the Kordas over for an evening and swap cat stories. Others will be entertained by the rich humour expressed. You don't have to be a feline fancier to enjoy "Cat People;" as it is stand alone entertaining. However, if you are a cat lover, you'll find yourself nodding your head in agreement and smiling with every page. - Gail Cooke

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