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Author: Te Harrison-Best


Over 90 poems about cats and their owners for the cat lover in your life!

An ideal gift for that cat lover in your life!

It's thought that there are over ten million domestic cats in the United Kingdom therefore Te Harrison-Best's new collection of feline poems titled Catawall at very least should have a vast ready-made audience among owners.

If you've kept a dog and cat at the same time you will be only too aware how different in nature these creatures are. Basically, the faithful hound is a camp follower, awaiting orders while the cunning kitty strolls off to do its own thing. Does this make the cat a much more interesting and independent creature?

All the evidence would suggest so and this colourful assortment of verse helps make the case. However, before we get over-slushy and sentimental on the topic of cats (which is easy to do) one or two interesting facts are worth considering. It's thought that every year the average domestic cat kills up to forty small feathery or furry creatures. But remember their antecedents included the sabre-toothed tiger and apologists will tell you they are still only doing what comes naturally. And did you know that researchers at Bristol have found that cat owners tend to be more intelligent than dog owners? Not because of close contact with the wily pussies but simply because they have been better educated, tend to work longer hours and so have less time to spend with their pets; thus the low maintenance, independent moggy best fits requirements.

For Customers in the UK to get your copy, please send your name and address including postcode to:

Cuttlefish Publishing
12A Croft Close
TN10 4LA

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One of the poems from the book:

Dennis the Cat Thief caught in verse. (Based on the recent revelations of Denis the Menace- feline thief extraordinaire.)

Stop Thief!!

Denis has no scruples,
when robbing local homes.
Fom frilly thongs to dads red pants,
and even garden gnomes.

His booty is legend now,
it's shown in all the press.
The scale of Denis's nicking spree
makes him a huge success.

Robin Hood would just envy him,
as Denis has panache.
He brings his booty home to mum,
then he adds it to her stash.

A Cat burglar extraordinaire
is a most befitting tag,
for that little feline reprobate,
who saunters home with swag!

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