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Able Seacat Simon - Lynne Barrett-Lee

Weep Not For Me - Author: Constance Jenkins

A-Z of Cat Health & First Aid - Author: Andrew Gardiner

Magnificat - Author: Marilyn Edwards & Illustrated By France Bauduin

Catawall - Author: Te Harrison-Best

Paw Tracks - A Childhood Memoir Author: Denis O'Connor

What Your Cat Wants: 7 Key Skills Of A Perfect Cat Owner By: Francesca Riccomini

Tilly - The Ugliest Cat In The Shelter By: Celia Haddon

Puppy Tales By: Joanne Hull

Sex And The Kitty: A Celebrity Meowmoir By: Nancy The Cat

Making The Rounds With Oscar By: Dr David Dosa

Cats Behaving Badly By: Celia Haddon

White Chin By: Marilyn Edwards

Paw Tracks at Owl Cottage - By: Denis O'Connor (Author), Richard Morris (Illustrator)

The Pet Psychic By: Joanne Hull

Wet Cats (Stuff on My Cat) By: Mario Garza

Making The Rounds With Oscar By: David Dosa

A Cat's Eye View By: Felicity Laws

Celebrities' Favourite Pets By: Sheila Collins

Marmaduke Mogg - Twenty stories of fantasy and excitement featuring the adventures of cats from around the world.

Paw Tracks In The Moonlight - By: Denis O'Connor (Author), Richard Morris (Illustrator)

The Adventures Of Kitten I Po - By: Tom Cleaver (Author & Illustrator)

The Adventures Of Tabby Cat (The Rescue Cat) - By: Alison Wilkerson & Illustrated By Carolyn Hindmars

I Am A Cat - By: Louise Hudson

Dewey (Audio - 4 CD Set) - By: Vicki Myron

Dewey - The Library Cat - By: Vicki Myron

Catscape - By: Mike Nicholson

I Can Has Cheezburger? - By:

The Joy Of Cats - Celia Haddon

The Complete Cat - By: Vicky Halls

Under The Paw: Confessions Of A CatMan - By: Tom Cox

Moon Cottage Cats - Volume One/Two - Marilyn Edwards & Illustrated by Peter Warner

Sisypuss - By: Patricia Halloff

Planet Cat: A Cat-alog - By: Sandra & Harry Choron

Kittenwar - By: Fraser Lewry & Tom Ryan

The Adventures of Sailor Sam - By: Angela Cater (Illustrator)

The Cat Master - Author: Bonnie Pemberton

Hyam The Cat Who Talked Too Much - Author: Pamela Douglas

Cationary - Author: Harold Reitz

You Can Take the Cat Out of Slough... - Chris Pascoe

A Chaos Of Cats - William Lee

Literary Cats - Heather Hacking

The Boys Club - New Members - Anne Parrish (Story & Illustrations)

The Coach House Cats - Marilyn Edwards & Illustrated by Peter Warner

Cat People - Michael & Margaret Korda

Devil Cat - Adrian Keefe

Allergic To Pets? - Author: Shirlee Kalstone

Coping With Pet Loss - Author: Robin Grey

Willi Whizkas - Paws & Claws

Bad Cat - Jim Edgar

The Cats On Hutton Roof - Marilyn Edwards & Illustrated by Peter Warner

The Amazing Story Of Adolphus Tips - Michael Morpurgo & Illustrated by Michael Foreman

Artistic Cats - Author & Illustrations: Heather Hacking

Feline Philosophy: Life Lessons from Your Cat - Author: Alex Hallatt

Cats In The Belfry - Author: Doreen Tovey

The More I See of Men, the More I Love My Cat/Dog
Author: Maisy Day (Cats) & Olivia Edward (Dogs)

Cats - Quotes And Stuff - Various Quotes, Poems & Stories

Kittycat Lullaby (& More) - Author: Eilleen Spinelli

One Hundred Ways To Live With A Cat Addict - Author: Ronald Payne

How Cats Conquered The World - Author/Artist: Heather Hacking

More Cat Tales From Moon Cottage - Marilyn Edwards & Illustrated by Peter Warner

Louie's Letters - Author: Natalie Van Kirk

Tigers in The Snow - Author: Peter Matthiessen

Catwalk - A Feline Odyssey - Author: Kathie Freeman

Cat Tales - Edited by: Barbara Palmer

Historical Cats - Author/Artist: Heather Hacking

The Comfort Of Cats - Pamela Wallin - Photographs By Anne Bayin

Groucho's Eyebrows - Tricia Brown - Illustrations By Barbara Lavallee

The Cats of Moon Cottage - Marilyn Edwards & Illustrated by Peter Warner

Mewingham Manor - Author/Artist: Laura Von Stetina

Keep Fleas Off - N.B. Liquorman

I'm in the Mood for Food (Garfield) - Jim Davis

The Day Shoufy The Cat Started to Purr - Sharon Doenitz

The Cat That Stayed For Supper - Maralyn Lois Polak

Heartmate Heartmate - Robin Owens

Travellers' Tails - Sue Poole & Stuart Davies

Delilah Doolittle Pet Detective Mysteries - Patricia Guiver

Dominion - Matthew Scully

Catland - David Garrett Izzo

Spells For Cats - Daisy Pepper & Lauren Dorman (Illustrator)

The Cat That Changed My Life - Bruce Eric Kaplan

Hallmarks of Felinity - Brooke McEldowney

The Cat And The Tao - Kwong Kuen Shan

Real Food For Cats - Patti Delmonte & Anne Davis (Illustrator)

KISS Guide to Cat Care - Steve Duno

Mog The Cat Books - Judith Kerr (Illustrator)

Think Outside The Cat Box - By Mark Parisi

Recommended Books

Celia Haddon Books

The Books Of Lesley Anne Ivory

The Reality of Professional Pet Sitting - By Suzanne M. Roth

Ophelia's Winter - By Sarah Ann Hill

Katje The Windmill Cat & The Mousehole Cat
By Gretchen Woelfle - Illustrator: Nicola Bayley

Jenny Nimmo Books

Cat Be Good - By Annie Bruce

Dharma The Cat - By David Lourie

A Guide to Intuitive Communication With Your Pet
By Judy Meyer

Cat Haiku - By Sheila Moxley

The Owl & The Pussycat - Jan Brett Illustrator

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