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Cationary - A Cat Dictionary With Cat Tales From Around The World

By: Harold Reitz


With Cationary you get two books in one. In half the book are warm, personal cat tales from around the world, the other half contains cute, adorable cat illustrations, with a 'play' on catwords.

There are 176 happy, friendly, warm. & funny pages that everyone in your family will want to read. It took 4 years to collect the very best CaTTales for you.Tales from 19 US States, and 21 other countries.

The price is $5 + $2 shipping (US Dollars).

Contact details:

Harold Reitz
2613 S/W 39th Terrace
Cape Coral
Florida 33914


Tel: 239-540-1631 (USA)

Moggies review: This is a wonderful book, one that any cat lover will cherish. Great stories and it is full of beautifully created illustrations.

  Moggies gives this book 5 Paws out of 5.

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