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How Cats Conquered The World

How Cats Conquered The World

by: Heather Hacking

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Paperback - 80 pages - Release date: 16th September, 2004.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 0340863218

Moggies gives this book five paws out of five.

Having been adopted by two strays from the planet Mogg, God was frequently distracted from designing creation by their sitting on his blueprint of the universe. From the earliest beginning, seeking food and fluffy bedding, they have dogged (aha!) man's footsteps from caves to palaces, tepees to penthouse apartments. Modern manipulative moggies can look back on a heritage of control by purr and claw. Witty and original, this delightful cartoon history is a must for cat lovers everywhere.

Meet God's own cat who sits on the master plan for the creation, find out how cats evolved from furry ameoba to seduce their way into prehistoric cave families, then had a glorious moment in Egypt when the cult of the cat was almost a religion (what's changed?), then a not so wonderful moment in medieval times when they were linked with witches. Witty and original, this delightful cartoon history is a must for every cat lover and will be 2004's Christmas best seller!

About the Author: Heather Hacking is a water colour artist. She adores cats and lives in London. She has illustrated greeting cards and her first book was Historical Cats.

Moggies Review: Yet another amusing and delightful book from the talented Heather Hacking! The book will appeal to all age groups. A purr-fect christmas gift for the cat lover. Highly recommended.

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