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Cats In The Belfry

By Doreen Tovey.

Cats in The Belfry

Website Summersdale Publishers Ltd

Price: 6.99
160 pages
Release date: 1st August, 2005
ISBN: 1-84024-452-6

Description: "It wasn't, we discovered as teh months went by, that Sugieh was particularly wicked. It was just that she was Siamee."

Animal lovers Doreen Tovey and her husband Charles aquire theri first Siamese kitten to rid themselves of an invasion of mice, although they worry about the cat attacking the birds. But Sugieh is not just any cat. She's an iron hand in a delicate, blue-pointed glove; an actress, a prima donna, an empress of cats, and she quickly establishes herself as queen of the house.

Finding themselves thus enslaved, Doreen and Charles try to minimise the chaos she causes daily: screaming like a banshee, chewing up telegrams, and tearing holes in anything made of wool. But there is worse to come, as soon Sugieh decides she is ready to become the Perfect Mother. She and her adorable kittens devote themselves to tightening theri grip on the Tovey household.

The Author: Doreen Tovey lives in a 250-year-old cottage near Bristol, UK, the idyllic setting for her best-selling books. She has written over a dozen books, which have sold over 100,000 copies in eight countries. She has been president of the Siamese Cat Club and President of the West of England Cat Club.

A must have book for all cat lovers not just siamese. First published over forty years ago, this classic title has been repackaged. The sequel to this title "Cats in May" will be published in Spring 2006.

"Every so often, there comes along a book - or if you're lucky books - whcih gladden the heart, cheer teh soul and actually immerse the reader in the narrative. Just such books are those written by Doreen Tovey." - Cat World

"The most enchanting cat book ever." - Jill Cooper

"Absolutely enchanting... I thoroughly recommend... They are some of the books which caused me to laugh out loud and sum up the Siamese character beautifully."

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