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Hallmarks of Felinity - A 9 Chickweed Lane Book

By Brooke McEldowney.

Hallmarks of Felinity

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Paperback - 96 pages - Release date: February 2002
ISBN: 0740721992

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Comments: Aharlib from New York, NY, United States:

McEldowney's strip, '9 Chickweed Lane', syndicated by United Features Syndicate since 1993, attracts a huge, ardent following with its good-natured gags about youthful twenty- and thirty-somethings and a grandma coping with daily life and relationships in a contemporary USA suburban setting.

'Hallmarks of Felinity', also the title of a recurrent theme in the comic strip, collects that aspect's singled-out antics in this compact trade paperback of '9 Chickweed Lane's' most beloved supporting character who gets 97 pages to strut feline stuff. We're talking Siamese cat here, a female named Solange (hopefully spayed), the companion animal of the no doubt semi-autobiographical piano-playing, ballet and gymnastics-practicing young woman featured so prominently in the "funny pages".

This reasonably-priced, compact little 'Hallmarks of Felinity' compendium deserves to be in the possession of cartoon lovers, ailurophiles and appreciators of excellent artwork far and wide. It represents a hallmark of sheer delight!

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