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The Complete Cat

The Complete Cat

By: Vicky Halls

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Publisher: Bantam Press

Publication Date: 28th August 2008

List price: 14.99 Amazon Price: 9.89

Edition: Hardback - 448 Pages

ISBN-10: 0593061128
ISBN-13: 978-059306112

Vicky Halls, author of bestselling "Cat Confidential" and "Cat Counsellor" has now written the essential reference book for all cat owners.

"The Complete Cat" is a comprehensive and practical guide that covers every aspect of cat ownership - from the original decision to buy a kitten to a layman's guide to many of the common illnesses and diseases.

This book will save you hours of research and confusion by giving you a thorough overview on just about every topic; coupled with Vicky's expert knowledge this is an absolute must-have for cat owners!

"The Complete Cat" has sections on: taking in stray cats; what to look for in a good cat breeder; effective flea control; diet and nutrition; giving your cat a tablet; poisonous household items; cats and babies; training your cat; special needs for the elderly cat; understanding normal cat behaviour; and many more.

Praise for Cat Confidential, Cat Counsellor and Cat Detective:

"With insights into the feline psyche and using interesting case studies, professional and personal, Halls has compiled a useful book full of practical advice on a whole range of common cat problems, as well as some more unusual ones. - Daily Mail

"Packed with anecdotes and tips, this is a must for any cat-lover." - Woman & Home

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