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Cat Be Good

Litter box problems? Aggressive cat? Here is THE book on cat behaviour! Nationally Acclaimed Award Winning "Recommended reading" by the Cat Fancier's Association.

Author: Annie Bruce


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Cat Be Good (
Cat Be Good (

Cat Be Good - A Commonsense Approach to Training Your Cat by Annie Bruce, cat owner consultant.

You CAN Have a Good Cat! With this book, you will no longer be at your cat's mercy and he will still respect you in the morning.

Learn how to:
  • Solve peeing, pooping or hairball problems.
  • Get your cat to use his scratching post, not your furniture.
  • Teach your cat to obey and to come when called.
  • Train your cat to stay in the yard.
Learn why:
  • Using a squirt bottle or spanking doesn't stop bad behaviour.
  • Feeding the same diet every day can undermine behaviour.
  • Not to say "no" in the same sentence as the cat's name.
  • Not to reprimand a cat who urinates outside his litter box.
  • A declawed cat can end up costing more than what you were trying to save.

Annie Bruce and Marvin-My-Man

Annie Bruce and Marvin-My-Man

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