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Heartmate - (Jove Books)

By: Robin Owens



'Best Literary Cat.' Bookdragon Review

A telepathic cat with an attitude. Excerpt:

T'Ash picked up the heavy cat and dropped Zanth on the floor... T'Ash lifted the mug to his nose.

Bracing himself, he inhaled deeply. Her fragrance teased his senses... He pulled it into himself and it whipped through him to lodge in his bones, to echo in his blood, to shiver just under his skin. But an emotion from her reverberated inside him - she was lonely. Alone, like him.

Zanth stopped licking his paw. *You with Me. And she has Cat. Neutered,* he ended with revulsion. He shifted as if verifying his own sex remained intact.

"I am your person, but she is my mate. It's not the same."

Zanth's loud purr rasped. *Ex-cel-lent smell. Perhaps sa-tis-fact-ory. She must adore Me.*

Full first chapter available on Robin Owen's bookshelf page, Zanth appears on page 2 at:

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