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Historical Cats

Historical Cats

Author/Artist: Heather Hacking

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
338 Euston Road

ISBN: 0-340-86221-1
Hardback price: £9.99
Release date: 16th October 2003

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It was when the author was peeling the grapes for her cats' 'Sole Veronique' supper, and switching on their electric blanket, that the idea emerged that perhaps cats were ruling the world...

Years of exhaustive research in the archives from Samarkind Public Library to Die Katzen Bibliothek in Vienna have produced this definitive catalogue of feline domination.

Who were the great cats who shaped the feline world and influenced its history? This very witty and exquisitely illustrated book is a sure fire Christmas best-seller. From Miaowpatra to Clawdius, from Whisker Wilde to Vincent van Fluff, not forgetting King Tutankhamin 'n' Khamout who invented the cat flap, this is a picture gallery of all the great cats of history. Accompanying the colour illustrations are very funny black and white cartoons to illustrate the imaginative text. I particularly like the Moggie Scratcher (Margaret Thatcher).

Heather Hacking paints in water colours and oils and trained at Coventry College of Arts (UK). She has illustrated children's educational books and greeting cards which have sold worldwide. She has two daughters and one grand-daughter, and lives in London with her two cats and a partner.

Moggies Review: A very amusing and delightful book and one I very much liked, especially the Moggie Scratcher! The artwork is superb and very original, the book will appeal to all age groups. A purr-fect christmas gift for the cat lover. Highly recommended.

Moggies gives this book five paws out of five.

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