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Hyam The Cat Who Talked Too Much

Hyam The Cat Who Talked Too Much

Author: Pamela Douglas

List price: 5.99 (UK)
ISBN number: 1-905823-03-7
Paperback: 84 Pages
Publication date: 1st of May, 2007
Publisher: Ecademy Press

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This is a tale of a cat called Hyam - a very special cat. In fact he is a theatrical cat, a fastidious cat, a funny cat, but most of all an adored cat.

Most famous for talking himself out of a part at an audition for a West End production - for he is an actor.

Here he tells his own story in a series of delightfully readable poems a pleasure for all age groups.

Follow his adventures as he takes us on his travels through the ups and downs of theatre life and his many escapades as a sophisticated actor, a country puss and a much-loved family pet.

Irresistibly combining both a sense of humour and an abounding love of its Feline Subject, with the Author's delightful illustrations throughout "Hyam The Cat who Talked Too Much" will capture your imagination and steal your heart.

The perfect gift book for all the family ages 9 90.

Comes with a special offer to buy the Hyam the Cat gift.

About the Author: As well as her love of the theatre, Pamela Douglas has always enjoyed writing and drawing. Married to the late theatrical director Wallace Douglas, after her acting career she combined a busy family life with compiling several collections of poetry, a set of children's stories, writing freelance articles for magazines and studying interior design. Since returning to her beloved West Sussex, she has run her own interior furnishing business, had several of her paintings exhibited in London galleries and continues to write in the company of her present most beautiful cat called Treacle.

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