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KISS Guide to Cat Care

By Steve Duno

KISS Guide to Cat Care
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ISBN: 0751334294
UK Price: 13.81
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ISBN: 0789480123
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Paperback - 352 pages (1st August, 2001)
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing

Book Description

Kiss the competition goodbye! Find out how to keep your cat happy and and healthy with DK's KISS Guide to Cat Care. Uncover the origins of these mysterious creatures, from their feline ancestors, the Miacis, to today's fascinating breeds. Investigate the inner workings of the cat in simple diagrams. Master cat-care basics, from food and toilet-training, to exercise and typical costs. Learn all about cat psychology to help you understand the quirks of different breeds. Discover how to care for a sick or injured cat, when to call the vet, and what can harm your cat. Find out about behavioral problems and tips for dealing with all personalities, from furniture scratchers to attention-seekers.

The Keep It Simple Series is the new standard in how-to books! Written by leading experts, each book includes full-colour photographs and illustrations throughout, making these the first and only truly accessible guides for beginners. The KISS format is designed to help readers build confidence from the start, and learn gradually and thoroughly to the very last page. Much more than introductions to various subjects, these inspiring and innovative books are the ones that readers can trust!

About The Author

Animal behaviourist and freelance writer Steve Duno has authored 11 books covering a wide variety of subject matter, including pet care, professional sports, celebrity memoirs, and fiction. Among his books on pets are Plump Pups and Fat Cats (St. Martin's), No Kitty! (St. Martin's), and Show Biz Tricks for Cats (Adams). He also writes for and has authored a series of articles on cats versus dogs, published by Slate, Microsoft's online magazine. Formerly a teacher in both New York and Los Angeles, Steve currently lives in Seattle with his well-trained, lovable 12 year-old Rottweiler mix Louie and his short-haired cats, One and Two!

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