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By: Marilyn Edwards (Author) & France Bauduin (Illustrator)

Author site link: Magnificat

Amazon UK link: Magnificat

List price: 6.99

Edition: Softback

Publication Date: 1st June 2013

Publisher: Catnip Publishing

Book Description: From the instant his fingers touched her back the little cat knew. The boy was someone she would trust. Homeless and hungry, Magnificat is desperate for someone to take her in, so when she sees a kindness in local boy Ben, she is happy to give herself over to him. But a cat isn t something Ben wants. He s got enough problems with a prickly relationship with his mum and an absent father besides, he s a dog person. He wants an exuberant, loyal, doting companion, not a gentle, self-contained cat. Magnificat might move into his house, but he doubts she ll ever find a place in his heart...


Marilyn Edwards is the Queen of Cat Stories. Magnificat is her best book yet, a truthful and touching story of a boy and a cat. It s a real page-turner and totally heart-warming. - Jacqueline Wilson

A smashing story, sure to inspire today s readers to become tomorrow s cat rescuers. -

Moggies gives this book five paws out of five.

About the Author: Marilyn Edwards is best known for her hugely successful and much-loved cat books, including The Cats of Moon Cottage series and The Coach House Cats. Her first children s novel, White Chin, was published by Catnip in 2010. After a career in publishing she now lives in Cumbria.

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