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Mewingham Manor - Observations On A Curious New Species

Mewingham Manor

Author & Artist: Laura Von Stetina


Mewingham Manor, Observations on a Curious New Species. $19.95, signed and remarqued.

Tropical Tabby
The Story:

In 1875, Edwina Von Stetina, an amateur naturalist, inherited a secluded country estate from her seafaring uncle Captain Bartholomew Katt. Soon after arriving at Mewingham Manor she discovers some curious new animals; they appear to be tiny butterfly-winged kittens and miniature winged mice! After finding her Uncle's journals, she learns that the study of these fascinating creatures was his lifetime work, and she reads about how he collected a wide variety of flittens on his voyages around the world and brought them back to Mewingham Manor. The faithful staff at the manor, Cook and the groundskeeper, helped keep the secret. Only now is the story being told.

Mewingham Manor is Edwina's sketchbook journal, the remarkable chronicle of her first months at the manor and her discovery of the delightful cat-like flittens and mouse-like minis.

This 72 page, full colour hardcover book contains more than 30 paintings and 100 sketches.

What is a Flitten? Flittens are small winged animals that look like a cross between an exotic butterfly and an immature house cat, and seem to have the finest characteristics of both. There are many species of flitten, closely resembling many breeds of house cats, and they can be found all over the world. Adept at concealment, flittens are rarely seen by humans. The trick to seeing flittens is in knowing how to look, and once a person starts noticing flittens they will begin to see them everywhere - in the meadow, in the garden, and sometimes in the kitchen.

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