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Travellers' Tails

Travellers' Tails

Hong Kong - 2003

By: Sue Poole & Stuart Davies

The Ruff Guide   Survivers - Hong Kong   What I Love

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Moggies comment: The picture at the top of Travellers' Tails does not do justice to this wonderful full gloosy book, a large book full of wonderful colourful pictures and stories, a must have for any cat lover. Moggies gives this book five paws out of five. - home of Moggit and his friends, who are all stars in their own right because they feature in Travellers' Tails and other books.

"This whole moggit thing started as a result of a discussion about our cats and the problems of relocating to a job in a new country (a frequent topic of conversation among our friends). And we said, not for the first time, 'Someone should write a book about that.' So we did."

"Travellers' Tails is our first book. We set up a company to get it published and it rolled off the press in March 2003. Click on the link above to see who's in it and what they have to say about it."

"While we were working on the Tails, we met people who told us wonderful stories about a cat they had rescued from the streets or someone else who said they had adopted a cat from the SPCA. And they asked 'What about a book for our cats?' So that's how Survivors! Hong Kong came to be written. Check out the Survivors! page for publication date."

"And while we were showing a friend a copy of the final proofs for Travellers' Tails, we met a man with a dog, who said his pooch would love to be in a book too. So we came up with The Ruff Guide: Hong Kong. More news about that on the link above."

Sue Poole & Stuart Davies

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