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The Cats of Moon Cottage

Author: Marilyn Edwards
Illustrated by renowned cat artist Peter Warner.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
338 Euston Road

ISBN: 0-340-86206-8
Hardback price: £7.99

Donations from every copy sold will go to AHT (Animal Health Trust).

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The Cats of Moon Cottage

The Cats of Moon Cottage

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Moggies gives this book five paws out of five.

This title celebrates the joys and the heartache of living with cats. It tells the true story of two cats. One is the old, loyal, but independent Septi, very much his own cat, established as lord of his domain within Moon Cottage. The other being Otto, a tiny, delicate tortoiseshell kitten, who joins the household as the story begins and who, for her survival and in a manner particular to her, must set out to win Septi over. This memoir should ring true with all who love cats and is a testimony and a tribute to that unique and rewarding relationship which exists between humans and their feline companions in which cats, in their splendid complexity, remain among us, but not of us.

There is a shocked fury from the furriest member of the Moon Cottage household when Marilyn brings home the flighty, flirty and enchanting young queen - Otto.

And so begins the beguiling of Septi, an old tom, who finds his world shattered when Marilyn introduces the kitten to his home. This true tale of the two well-loved cats is incisively observed and tenderly written. Marilyn pinpoints the ever-changing relationship between the cats, as Otto woos and eventually wins over Septi, and their environment. Without giving too much away it is a book of love, birth, death and the changing seasons beautifully poised and told through laughter and grief.

The Cats of Moon Cottage is a wonderful memoir and tribute to the unique and rewarding relationship between feline and humans.

The author: Marilyn Edwards, known professionally as Marilyn Moorhouse. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, his son and their three cats, Fannie, Titus and Pushkin, successors to Septi and Otto.

The illustrator: Peter Warner studied drawing and painting at Wimbledon School of Arts and the Royal Academy Schools. He has illustrated many books on domestic and wild cats, notably The Book of the Cat and Perfect Cats. He has also designed many internationally well-known advertising icons, such as Friskies and Whiskas cats, and Hush Puppies dogs.

Moggies Review: A beautifully written book, one that will enchant any cat lover. The illustrations by Peter Warner are superb and go purrfectly with the wonderful story, the book will appeal to all age groups. Highly recommended reading.

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