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Sex And The Kitty

Sex And The Kitty: A Celebrity Meowmoir

"I'm Nancy, Harpenden's first (and only) celebrity cat. I first became famous when I was a kitten, thanks to my habit of hitching lifts in strangers' cars, and following people into their homes. I still like to follow people, and am well-known in all the local pubs and shops now. I'm enjoying my celebrity status, and think it's about time more people got to know me. Today Harpenden, tomorrow the world!"

Author: Nancy The Cat

Amzon Price: 8.29 (List price: 12.99)

Available from Constable & Robinson: 22nd September 2011.

Edition: Softback 213 Pages

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Publisher: Plume Books (30th August 2011)

ISBN-10: 0452297427
ISBN-13: 978-0452297425

Book synopsis:

Like the bright young things from X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent, from birth Nancy knew she was different and destined for greater things. Unlike her neurotic or lethargic peers with a penchant for hunting mice and ant-bac wash, Nancy was born with a thirst for adventure. After tasting local fame from hitching in cars and visiting local pubs, she starts a blog, becomes a Facebook sensation, and dips her paw in the world of show business. She desires fame and the hottest feline in town; Mr Kit-e-Licious. After being signed by a celebrity agent it seems like her dream is about to come true. But, like so many hopefuls in the fame game, will Nancy find the glamour-puss lifestyle is all that she thought it would be?

A purr-fect gift for the legions of cat fans, and for anyone who ever dreamed of being famous and meeting Mr. Right. Spoof-celebrity-memoir-meets-pet-biography, Sex And The Kitty is an irresistibly catty mélange of silliness and feline charm.

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Moggies gives this book a rating of five paws out of five -

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