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Making The Rounds With Oscar

Making The Rounds With Oscar

Author: David Dosa

The inspirational story of a Doctor, his patients and a very special cat named Oscar.

Recommended retail price: 12.99
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Published: 4th February 2010
Format: Hardback - 256 Pages
ISBN 13: 9780755318117 ISBN 10: 0755318110

The extraordinary - and true - story of a cat with a remarkable gift.

In the summer of 2007 Oscar the cat made headlines around the world.


Because he knows when the patients in the Rhode Island hospice where he lives are going to die.

Oscar curls up on their beds, keeps them company and enables the families to be with their loved ones at the end.

Dr David Dosa's job is to respond to people's medical needs, treat them for their ailments and communicate with their families.

Oscar takes care of the rest. He is a steady companion and, because of him, patients don't die alone.

Can a cat really predict death?

Is he smelling something or responding to behavioural clues?

Is he helping guide souls to heaven?

Oscar's warm and profound story is heartfelt, sometimes even funny, but always inspiring.

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