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Pet Loss

Coping With Pet Loss - By: Robin Grey

Publisher: Sheldon Press
Publication date: 24th March 2006
Price: 7.99

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Help for the pain of losing that special friend - Coping with Pet Loss.

Some three-quarters of owners consider their pet as a child or family member. Small wonder that losing a companion animal can be devastating. It can upset a young family, present children with their first experience of death, and may also be an unwelcome rite of passage for teenagers. For older people, it can mean the complete disruption of their daily lives - at least 40% rely on a pet for daily exercise. For some, pet loss evokes unresolved mourning issues from earlier losses and can have serious emotional implications. Animal death is also a cause of serious stress in vets who, in addition to having to put down pets also face a considerable burden in dealing with bereaved pet owners.

Subjects in this sympathetic and comprehensive book include:

  • Stages of grieving.
  • When mourning masks deeper problems.
  • Helping children cope.
  • Considering euthanasia.
  • Missing: when pet loss isn't death related.
  • Special loss: losing a service dog.
  • Remembering a pet and when to get another pet.

Robin Grey is a counsellor and psychotherapist who works with people who have experienced loss. He is co-author of Men and Depression (Thorsons, 2002.)

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