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The Day Shoufy The Cat Started to Purr

By Sharon Doenitz, illustrations by Matt Doenitz and Sharon Doenitz.


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Price: 5.99

Paperback - 32 pages.
ISBN: 9990104336

Book Description: "The Day Shoufy The Cat Started to Purr" is a great cat story about a real life cat named Shoufy and her adventures on the Island Nation of Bahrain. Written for children of all ages and for people who live in any country. It is a Purrrfect Book!

About the Author: Mr. Don and Mrs. Sharon Doenitz are expatriates who moved from the state of Oklahoma in the United States of America. After they lived and worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia several years, they relocated to the little island country of Bahrain to live and work. They might be called "cat lovers" since they brought their aging Siamese cat named Daisy with them to Saudi Arabia. After a long and happy life, Daisy became very old and died. Then Mr. Bob helped them adopt Shoufy, the cat, whose adventures are described in her Mrs.Doenitz's first book, The Day Shoufy The Cat Started to Purr.

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