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Author: Patricia Halloff

List price: $13.50 (USA). (Free PDF format download.)
ISBN number: 978-0-6151-7291-0
Paperback: 203 Pages
Publication date: December 2007
Publisher: Blueberry Books

Moggies gives this book five paws out of five.

Book and free download are available from My Store Front: Proceeds of book sales are donated to animal organizations actively fighting animal abuse.

Sisypuss, a feline optimist and true believer in luck (though most of his is bad), reminisces about the homeless journey through truths and lies, danger and safety, love and enmity, made with his skeptical brother Bob and an odd assortment of characters met along the way.

Three paws in the grave, Sisypuss interweaves memories and his present life as Booley's cat companion with Booley's seriocomic troubles with drugs (he enrolls in clinical trials as a work alternative), faithless women, and poetry editors. Sisypuss tells how, among other things, he and Bob survive an animal shelter, a research lab which wrecks their health, the death of a loved guardian, a godforsaken wood where among other trials his try at love with a feline heartbreaker leaves him singing the castrato blues, and, finally, the overwhelming event leading him to Booley and safety.

Patricia Halloff's stories have appeared in literary journals such as The New England Review, The Cream City Review, New Letters, and Witness, and in various anthologies. She is also the author of the novels Roadblocks to Nirvana and Memorial Candle.

Working as a volunteer lobbyist for the major animal rights organizations Friends of Animals and The Society for Animal Rights has given her insider knowledge of the problems facing homeless animals which in turn inspired her to write Sisypuss. Sisypuss, the memorist of her novel, is Everycat who roams homeless on city streets and country roads, but he is also his unique, unconquerable self.

Patricia has lived with and loved multiple cats who have taught her all she knows about cat psychology. She lives with her husband John in Freehold, NJ, USA.

Read my stories in NewEnglandReview, Archives Volume 23, #2 and Tatlin's Tower.

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