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Spells For Cats

Spells For Cats

Author: Daisy Pepper - Lauren Dorman (Illustrator)

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Hardback - 95 pages - Release date: 18th October 2002
ISBN: 1856264270

Publisher: Kyle Cathie Ltd, 122 Arlington Road, London, NW1 7HP

Book Description: Cats are mysterious beings. Everyone knows that. But not everyone is aware that our feline friends are extremely responsive to magic spells. Sadly, due to the demands of modern living , these highly spiritual creatures are losing touch with their mystical roots. Spells for Cats offers over 60 spells to help your cat - and you- cope with the rigours of modern living. Is your cat off its food? Does it hate going to the vet? Does it scratch the furniture? Does your cat stray far from the house? Has your cat got fleas?

No prior experience of casting spells is needed. Try these spells and you'll soon discover how co-operative cats can be, once you're talking their language.

Spells for Cats is colour-illustrated throughout featuring many different breeds of cat making this an ideal gift for cat lovers and those interested in magic.

Synopsis: Sixty spells to help cats (and their owners) cope with the rigours of modern living. A welcome home spell for a new kitten; a nesting spell for a pregnant cat; spells for sick cats and healthy cats; spells to help the reader commune with their own cats and to deter other cats from their gardens. Whatever is happening in a cats life, Daisy Pepper has a spell to help - even if the reader also has a dog.

Moggies comments: A perfect and adorable gift for anyone with a cat.

Review: Robin Close from Cardiff, Wales: "I'm certainly going to give it to all my cat-loving friends. The illustrations are gorgeous and the spells are about sensible things like taking the cat to the vet or stopping it from scratching the furniture. The author obviously knows all the important things about cats - she certainly knows who is in charge in any household that has a cat in it."

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