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The Adventures Of Tabby Cat

The Adventures Of Tabby Cat (The Rescue Cat)

Author: Alison Wilkerson - Illustrator: Carolyn Hindmarsh

List price: 9.99

Edition: Paperback

Publisher: AuthorHouse, UK

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Cats Protection (UK) will receive a donation from every copy sold.

About The Book

Tabby Cat is a little cat who does not have the best start in life. She is determined to prove that size is not everything and that things can be achieved, whatever you look like.

Her family are eventually rescued from the shed they are locked in but separated from each other when new homes are found. She ends up with Mr & Mrs Jones who are wonderful owners but there is one slight problem, Wally the pedigree show cat, who is not best pleased at sharing his territory with her.

To avoid him, Tabby Cat goes into the big wide world and encounters new places, new experiences and new friends especially Patch the sheepdog but will she ever become friends with Wally, win a cat show or be reunited with her family?

Discover how Tabby Cat's adventures lead to her finding her true vocation in life and becoming a brave heroine.

About The Author

Alison Wilkerson lives in a village in North Bedfordshire. She has owned a few rescue cats over the years and is a supporter of Cats Protection which is where the profits of this book will be going.

This is her first book aimed at children which was inspired by her own cats of which some of the characters are based.

She is a keen photographer and has a home studio but for this book has used beautiful illustrations created by Carolyn Hindmarsh who is also a cat owner and lives in the same village.

For design work please contact Carolyn via e-mail or telephone 01234-825100.

Alison is hoping to publish a sequel soon which may include tales of her ex-battery rescue hens.

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