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What Your Cat Wants

What Your Cat Wants: 7 Key Skills Of A Perfect Cat Owner

Author: Francesca Riccomini

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RRP: 9.99

Edition: Hardcover 96 Pages
Publisher: Hamlyn (1st Oct 2012)
ISBN-10: 0600624625
ISBN-13: 978-0600624622

This indispensable guide has practical advice on all aspects of cat ownership. What Your Cat Wants acknowledges that you and your feline friend are very different species and that your needs and wants don't always correspond with theirs. Each chapter introduces a key skill and shows you how to build on the basics and develop them further. Helping you to understand what your cat does and why, Francesca Riccomini, provides expert guidance to be the very best owner you can be, to anticipate your cat's needs and overcome communication difficulties.

Moggies comment: Excellent book with good solid information for any cat owner. Moggies gives this book five paws out of five.

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