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Angry tigers are all the rage these days, from the 400-pounder holed up in Harlem to the stressed-out kitty that went postal on Siegfriedís Roy. Itís clear that a tigerís place is in the wild... not a housing project or the MGM Mirage. How do you help the beasts that already call America home? These rescue organizations care for big cats and other maligned mammals:

Keepers of the Wild cares for abused lions and tigers.

Keepers of the Wild Nature Park
A Wildlife Sanctuary
The Heart of Route 66
13441 E. Hwy 66
AZ 86437

Tel: 928-769-1800

For donation information go to

With more than 40 species represented and more critters than it can count, the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue in Gettysburg, Pa., is "always a cage short and a dollar shy." Check out its site at to donate.

Bears, black leopards and 600 monkey cousins kick around campus at Primarily Primates, the west Texas animal-rehab spot. On the Web:

Fame is fickle. Llamas arenít the 'it' pack animal anymore. But North Carolina-based Southeast Llama Rescue still cares. It finds mistreated llamas friendly homes. Donate online:

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