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Cat Charity In Desperate Need

June 2003

Can you help?

Catkin Cat Rescue (a no-kill shelter) - Cats And Their Kittens In Need

Catkins desperately needs your help right now.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003

"I have given Sadie the day off today to tell you something that is so serious. I need your help badly because catkins is in huge trouble. As you all know over the last twelve years I have many bank loans plus wonderful help from some of you but now I am in trouble and I am begging you to help me if you can."

"Over these twelve years I have spent plus I can prove how much I have spent over forty thousand pounds to keep my catkins going and now I am so afraid because we have eight pounds left in savings and forty pounds in the Catkins funds."

"I have always always kept you in the dark with money problems because they were my problems and I didn't want to worry you but now I am the point of closure which is breaking my heart because every week costs me sixty pounds just for their food plus vet bills which I am worried sick about."

"I never thought it would come to this and I held off for so long. Maybe if I had told you earlier you would have helped me but I was obstinate because I didn't ever ever want any of you thinking oh she wants our money and I didn't but now please please help me if you can. If you want proof of what I have spent I will gladly send you it and also the main reasons I am finished are because of the big charities who always give out my number so they don't have to take in what they call the long termers."

"Please Help Me If You Can"

"Or prayers will do if you don't have any money to spare."

"You all know that I have given my life for my rescue and you all know that I have never ever begged any of you for money but now please if you can then help me."

"Thank you for taking the time to read this."

Love always Jean at Catkins.

Cat Rescue Centre
Woodview Cottage
Timberland Fen
United Kingdom

Tel: 01526-378316 (UK)


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