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Your Help Needed In Greek Tragedy

August 2003

Corfu, Greece - Dear all, we have a situation in Corfu - the municipality continues to allow the directors of an unfit shelter to collect strays, and continues to support them. There is no medical treatment for the animals, no neutering, not enough food and even the water they drink is old and filthy. Moreover, adoptions are not permitted!

Greek TragedyGreek Tragedy

Photos from the shelter.
Greek Tragedy

Greek TragedyGreek Tragedy
The water the dogs drink in the shelter.Outside the shelter, a dog that died trapped in a car. The corpse was left there for more than a month.

Please spend a couple of minutes to help!

1. Send a fax to the Mayor of Corfu.

His fax number is ++30 26610 39500 or ++30 26610 32779 or ++30 26610 20622 or ++30 26610 46766 - A sample letter below, only needs your details, please sign it and send it. If possible, please send a copy of your fax to the e-mail address to:

2. Send an email to:

Alexandros Mastoras, Mayor of Corfu - e-mail:
Council Nikolas Avlonitis, President of the Municipal Council - e-mail:
Prime Minister of Greece Costas Simitis - e-mail:
Minister of Agriculture George Drys - e-mail:

Sample letter:

Honourable Mr. Mayor,

Honourable Councilmen:

We have recently become aware of the collection of stray animals in Kerkyra by your municipality and their subsequent confinement in an unfit place, which is not run in accordance with the law.

Also, we inform you that based on the law that was passed the beginning of this month by Parliament, the municipalities must implement programmes for sterilisation and vaccination of strays in cooperation with animal welfare organizations who are already implementing such programmes, and that cruelty to animals (which includes their confinement in unfit shelters) shall be punished with severe penalties and fines.

Having knowledge of the above, we immediately request:

That you stop the collection of strays and their confinement in the above mentioned place.

That you allow free access by representatives of The Ark (Kivotos) Society into this place and that you aid them in their efforts toward adoption of the animals that are already confined there.

That you work together with The Ark in future actions regarding sterilisation, vaccination, adoption or release of stray animals.

We believe that this issue is of major importance requiring your immediate intervention to avoid yet another scandal for your country and to prevent negative comment and reaction from foreign animal lovers. We hope that soon we will be able to inform our members, animal lovers and the press of a positive response from you.

Yours respectfully,

Greek Tragedy

Animal Abuse in Corfu:

Animal Abuse in Greece:

Please spread the word by forwarding this note to others who care and love animals.

Thank you for your help,

Alexandra Yurkiw:
The ARK:
ARGOS Animal Welfare Society:

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