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April 2003

Dear Friend,

... writing in haste because I want you to be the first to know what's happening.

IFAW has just pledged $25,000 to help save suffering animals in Baghdad, but now I need your help to raise these funds (and hopefully more) as quickly as possible. Please click here to make a donation.

Here's why I need your help ...

Below are excerpts from Gulf News Online: Friday, 18th April 2003...

Make A DonationNothing stopped Baghdad zoo looters, except lions.

Even the animals have gone. Baghdad's frenzied looting spree has left nothing untouched, and the city zoo is no exception.

Monkeys, bears, horses, birds and camels have disappeared, carted off by thieves or simply left to roam the streets after their cages were prised open.

More than 300 animals are missing - only the lions and tigers remain.

"I am frightened to come here," said the zoo's vet Hashim Mohammed Hussain as gunfire crackled from across the park.

"But I have to see my animals. They are hungry but we have no money to feed them."

Mandor, a 20-year-old Siberian tiger and the personal property of Saddam Hussain's eldest son Uday, was slumped against the green bars of his cage, his beautifully-marked coat hanging off his bones.

He looked up briefly as the vet approached, only to hang his head again when he realised his keeper was empty-handed.

Next door, Sudqa, a nine-year-old lioness, got to her feet and let out a low moan. The remnants of her last meal lay in the corner, a white bone chewed over and over.

Hussain said in all there were seven lions and two tigers, who each consume some five kilos of meat a day.

"Five kilos of meat would cost me 80,000 dinars ($30)," said Hussain. "And there are nine animals. I have nothing like this kind of money."

"There is no government, no security, no organisation," Hussain said. "We are alone here and without help our animals will die."

This is a desperate situation, but the good news is that wonderful people are ready to take on the difficult and dangerous work of rescuing these innocent animals. All they need are the funds to make it happen. Just think ... YOUR donation could mean the difference between life and death for Mandor, Sudqa ... or the hundreds of starving animals wandering alone in the war zone.

So please, click here and use the power of the web to make a secure online donation right now.

For the Animals,

Fred O'Regan

IFAW President

PS: Our first priority is to raise money and get it to our friends in the field, so please donate now and tell your friends and family about our emergency appeal. Then visit our website over the weekend and next week for updates. We'll post photos and Emergency Relief reports as soon as they're available. Thanks again!

Donating online is safe, secure and eliminates check processing costs, but if you prefer to donate by phone or post, simply click here for address information.

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