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Cat Killing In Bargoed - Wales

September 2003


Smits, knocked out of a tree by a human, then savaged to death by three dogs.
Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan, Wales - At 3.15am, in the early hours of the 18th September 2003, David Probert was awakened by the sound of dogs outside his bedroom window. David decided to look outside the window to see what was happening. There before his eyes was a person with three snarling dogs attacking some creature that had taken flight up a tree. David watched as the person with the dogs climbed the tree and knocked the animal out of the tree to the ground, the person then encouraged his dogs to chase and attack the animal, David recalled: "My blood ran cold as I heard a screech." He watched the person and dogs run off, having had a good look at who the person was and also able to recognize the dogs. David knew the person responsible was a local person living in Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan in Wales.

The following day David discovered his cat named Smits was missing, on searching outside he sadly found Smits had been mauled to death only yards from where the dogs had been earlier, it soon became clear that he had witnessed the death of his own cat by three dogs controlled by one person. That person is known and where he lives is also known. Smits was a loving family pet and much adored. The person responsible for his death is now known to go out during the early hours of the morning with his dogs with the sole intention of hunting and killing cats.

David reported the matter to the Bargoed Police, who said that they could not do anything and would not go and see the person responsible.

David then reported the matter to his local RSPCA. An RSPCA officer arrived and took the cat Smits to a local Vet for a post mortem, she was sympathetic and explained the law and said that it is not illegal to hunt domestic cats and added to prosecute this person responsible. Hunting cats is illegal, saying it is legal is wrong, and one that was probably meant to quieten David.

I find it really hard to believe that the Bargoed Police or the RSPCA have failed in their duty to simply inquire about the person responsible for Smits death, to see if this person has anything that might incriminate him or his animals. The fact that the man was seen knocking something out of a tree at 3.15am and heard coaxing his dogs into a frenzy to chase and attack the creature, and is also known locally to hunt for cats to kill with his dogs does not seem enough for the Police or RSPCA?

The post mortem results: The cat suffered trauma leading to his death and also been hit across the head.

To date, the Police nor the RSPCA have visited the person responible for the death of Smits. The RSPCA will not be taking any action against the person responsible for the killing of Smits.

I do wonder how many cats have been lost in recent months in Bargoed and other nearby towns and villages.

The relevant facts have been passed on to a UK National Newspaper who will hopefully take up this story and get to the bottom of what exactly is going on in Bargoed and why the Bargoed Police and RSPCA are not willing to take on their responsibilites regarding Animal Cruelty.

Time and again I receive e-mails about the RSPCA and their incompetence, how they refer people to local no kill shelters when enquiring about how to help an injured cat or dog, these local shelters get no financial support from the RSPCA. It seems that local RSPCA offices and centers are not following proper RSPCA Guidelines, using their own knowledge (or lack of knowledge) to advise callers. I called a local RSPCA about a problem I had with one cat many years ago, the cat in question had a behavioural problem that was easily rectified and went on to live a further four years. The RSPCA obviously did not know this, their advice to me was to have the cat put down, a totally unacceptable answer. It makes me wonder what exactly is the purpose of the RSPCA?

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