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Battle To Keep Rescue Centre

January 2003

December 2007 Update: The WPD finally got its license and is now fully legal.

The Wulfrun Destitute Pets centre (a no-kill shelter), in Craddock Street, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, UK, has been in existence for more than 25 years but is facing a battle to gain a license to stay open.

Around 600 people have signed a petition to keep the centre alive and chairwoman Jean Gibbons is determined to block any closure.

She said: "We provide an excellent service and we will fight this to the very end, we have been her for a long time but the council do not seem to recognise this."

The centre needs a certificate of lawfulness to stay open but that was turned down by the Wolverhampton Council two years ago much to the annoyance of Mrs Gibbons.

"We need to prove to the council that we have been going for more than ten years but they are disputing the fact," she added.

The centre currently has around 30 dogs and 18 cats and took in over 17 during the busy christmas period.

My own cat Sassy came from the centre, having visited the centre on many occasions myself, I can say that the centre does a wonderful and needy job. The Wolverhampton Council must not be allowed to close this centre. If you wish to show your support please write with your signature as a sign of support to the following:

Wulfrun Destitute Pets
70 Craddock Street
Whitmore Reans
United Kingdom

Telephone Number  01902-688838 (UK)

WDP is a Registered Charity. Number: 1042620
Their aim: To take in rescues from all over the West Midlands.

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