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Asthmatic Allie Rushes In To Burning House To Save Cat & Her Kittens

Source: OneMK, Milton Keynes, UK


Allie Short rescued the cat and its kittens from a house fire in Milton Keynes.
A Milton Keynes woman rushed into a burning house to save a cat and her kittens.

37-year-old Allie Short found herself at the centre of the dramatic rescue, which occurred last Monday June 17th, 2013, at approximately 5.15pm.

Allie, who is a volunteer with Milton Keynes Cats Protection, was making a routine visit to a house in Congreve, Tinkers Bridge, as part of her foster work.

A previous visit to the house had seen her rescue a cat from the outside window ledge.

But this time she was shocked to see the house on fire, believed to have started in the kitchen.

And with the help of a neighbour, broke down the door to rescue the mother cat and her five kittens, who were at the top of the stairs.

"There wan't a chance that I was leaving the cats in there. I didn't really think about it, I just went in," said Allie, who is also asthmatic.

Allie was treated by firefighters who arrived shortly after, and gave her oxygen after she had breathed in smoke.

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We hope the rescuer has made a full recovery after being treated for smoke inhalation. It's important to remember than even a few breaths of smoke can render you unconscious."

"We fully understand how concerned people are about pets when there is a fire, but it's vital that they don't go back into a burning building. With no protection against the smoke and heat it can, and sometimes does, end in tragedy."

"In April 2011, for example, a man in Cheshire died when he went back inside his burning home to try to rescue his dog and cat. Nationally, the advice is get out, stay out and call 999. The firefighters who respond have the proper protection, equipment and training to carry out rescues."

Four of the six kittens, now named Ember, Ash, Sooty and Smokey, are being cared for by a fosterer, while Allie herself will be fostering one of the survivors.


Oniki, now all grown up, one of the kittens that was recued, now homed with Allie.


Original story.


The five kittens after the rescue from the fire.

Phoenix & Kittens

Momma with some of her five kittens.


Little Oniki

The Phoenix Kittens

Above and below: The Phoenix Kittens

The Phoenix Kittens

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