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Amorette The Cat Rescued From Storm Drain Up For Adoption

Source: AZFamily - AZ, USA


Arizona Humane Society technicians rescue a cat trapped in a storm drain.

A cat was rescued by the Arizona Humane Society after being stuck in a drain for almost a week.

Mechanics at the Extreme Auto Body Shop on 24th Avenue and Thomas heard meowing coming from their shop parking lot and discovered a 1-year-old female Maine Coon laying among trash in a puddle of water and trapped in a storm drain.

The mechanics made several attempts to rescue the cat, but after almost a week, they decided to call the Arizona Humane Society to help.

The Emergency Animal Medical Technicians from AHS removed the grate from the storm drain and dropped down a can of food to lure the cat. The technicians then used a long pole with a net to lift the cat to safety.

The cat was extremely malnourished with protruding hip and rib bones and spent the next few weeks recovering in a foster home.

The cat has been named Amorette and she is ready for adoption at the Arizona Humane Society's Sunnyslope Campus at 9226 N. 13th Avenue in Phoenix (Google Maps). Her adoption fee is $40 and includes her spay surgery, microchip and vaccinations.

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