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April 2017

9th April

Spud The Cat Ended Up With String Coming Out Of His Mouth & Bum

Kitty Cafe Expands Into The City Of Leeds With Another Cat Cafe

Moment Curious Cat Interrupts Latvian Mayor's Live Broadcast

Mischievous Moggy Unveiled As Serial Neighbourhood Underwear Thief

Gumpy Cat? Is Your Cat Suffering From Gingivostomatitis?

Dog Who Grew Up With Two Cats Loves Chilling In The Cat Tree!

Watch Maru Try On A Bunch Of Wigs To Bliss Out For A Few Minutes

The Rise Of The Cat Guy Man Has A New Furry Purry Best Friend

Cat Lover Victory - Pensioner Wins Temporary Access To Feed Stormont Three

Girl Draws Pictures Of Blind Cat Until Her Parents Let Her Adopt Her

Mok The Good Internet Cat Takes A Load Off - YouTube Video

Lost Pet Phoenix Is Tracked Down By World's First Cat Detection Dog

Boy Decides It's Time For His Cat & The Neighbor's Cat To Get Married

Amorette The Cat Rescued From Storm Drain Up For Adoption

Forest The Cat Saved By Pennsylvania Firefighters In Need Of Home

Scottish Port Family's Plea To Find Missing Ginger Cat Freddie

Prodigal Cat Returns To N.J. Home After 2 Years Thanks To Facebook

Adopt A Purrfect Cat Or Kitten From The RSPCA This Week

Miracle Maisy Survives Tied up In Bag & Soaked In Gasoline

Meet Gorgeous P'Bone - Your New Favourite Internet Feline Sensation

1st April

Catnip Cat Lovers Everywhere - Your Fuffy Friend Loves You

Cats Are Only Pretending To Be Indifferent To Humans Claims Study

One Of The Great Pieces Of Internet Real Estate Is Up For Sale

Black Cat's Lucky Day: Inquisitive Puss Rescued From Tightest Of Squeezes

Don't Declaw Your Cat - It's Amputation: Canadian Veterinary Association

Police Department Adopts Hungry Stray & Makes Him Station's Police Cat

Uninterested Black/White Moggy Carries Lazy Blue Bird Friend On Its Back

Great-grandmother Survives 5 Days Stranded In Mountains With Her Cat

Hungry Russian Cat Does't Want To Give Bread Back! - Video

Sylvester The Talking Kitty Cat - The dog ate WHAT! - Video

Alley The Cat Trains Himself To Do What? - Youtube Video

Kitten & Ferret Have The Most Awesome Bond! Wait Until 1:04!

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