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One Of The Great Pieces Of Internet Real Estate Is Up For Sale

Source: Yahoo Finance


Apollo says, this is the best site ever! is for sale.

In the very specific world of internet domain-name sales, is the kind of gem that doesnít come on the market often. Itís short. Itís memorable. And itís a term that, according to the domainís current owner, some 15,000 people already type directly into their browsers each month, hopingówe can only assumeóto satisfy a desire for cat pictures not currently met by,,,,,,,,, and

What they find instead is a note dated Dec. 9, 2015 from a Latvian domain investor named Algis Skara. Skara purchased in 2015 for an undisclosed sum, according to ("Buy Domains was the seller, so weíre certain it cost a purr-ty penny," the site notes, in the kind of pun that is hard to avoid in the animal-related domain market.)

"Cats are the favourite pet in the world! And there is many things related to cats that can be done on the internet," Skara writes in the sales pitch. "To name a few: pictures of cats (everyone loves them, they are one of the most popular things in the world), buying and selling cats, cats supplies and vitamins, grooming, cat food (huge industry) and many many more."

He continues: "So why do I tell you this. This is possibly your best life changing opportunity. As it is now possible to acquire this domain name and create a massive website and service from it."

"Instant brand name right here. You donít need to tell people about your company name. Hello, this is Ė is more then enough to provide credibility to your clients."

Skara declined the highest bid of $350,000 at an online auction in January. The domain appraisal site values at $1 million. At that price, it would be the second-biggest domain sale of the year so faróbehind, which sold for $1.82 million on February 1, but ahead of the $500,000 sale of on March 15, according to

Itís not clear what other offers Skara has received; he did not respond to Quartzís attempts to contact him by email, Twitter, and Facebook. A look at similar properties offers clues. is an online aquarium supply shop. is an online encyclopedia of all things bird. and redirect to the homepage of PetSmart, the US-based pet supply giant that owns the domains. The company declined to comment on ( belongs to the construction equipment company Caterpillar Inc.)

You donít see "For Sale By Owner" signs fluttering in front of Malibu beachfront estates; so too is it unusual for an owner to go it alone in a virtual real estate deal of this potential magnitude.

"Something like, funnycatsoutside, theyíre a dime a dozen," says Alan Dunn, managing director of the domain management firm NameCorp. (Not exactly; Estibot valued at $0 but at $19,000.) " is fantastic.

Image by Evan Blaser on Flickr.

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