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Scottish Port Family's Plea To Find Missing Ginger Cat Freddie

Source: Greenock Telegraph, Scotland



A heartbroken family are sending out an appeal to bring their much-loved-cat back home.

Ginger pedigree Maine Coon cat Freddie disappeared from his house in Port Glasgow in October and hasn't been seen since.

The parents of her owner, eight-year-old Ellie Green, say their little girl is devastated and still pining for her pet.

Her mum Emma Murdoch said: "She has been fretting for him and keeps saying she wants Freddie back."

"They had a special bond, she could get Freddie to do things he wouldn't do for anyone else."

"When we thought he had broken his leg, we took him to the vet and she got him to spread his paws so the vet could examine him and it turned out he had a cut between his paws."

"He wouldn't have done that for anyone else."

Ellie lives with her mum, dad William Green and their other Maine Coon cat Spencer and two Springer Spaniel dogs Daisy and Mhairi in Auchenbothie Road.

She said: "I feel sad without Freddie."

"It would make me happy if he came back."

Emma has been phoning round local vets and the council every week but with no success and is now so desperate to get the cat back that she is offering a reward. She said: "Spencer is my cat and Freddie was Ellie's, it's like losing a member of the family."

Freddie is microchipped and neutered so there is no gain to anyone who has taken him hoping to make money from breeding him.

Emma offered to buy her daughter another cat but Ellie only wants Freddie.

The mum said: "I would give the sun, the moon and the stars to get him back."

"I can hear Ellie crying sometimes and it's heartbreaking."

If anyone has any information about Freddie's whereabouts they should call Emma on 07718-882006.

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