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Miracle Maisy The Cat Survives Tied up In Bag & Soaked In Gasoline

Source: Daily Mail, UK

Miracle Maisy

Cat tied up and doused with gasoline manages to survive hours in trash bag - earning her the nickname 'Miracle Maisy.'

The Humane Society says a cat was tied up, doused in gasoline and placed into a plastic trash bag that was nearly crushed in a Pennsylvania garbage truck.

The cat was dumped in the bag Tuesday morning in Reading.

Two workers from Harold Adam Refuse Removal had tossed the bag into their truck but later discovered the cat when they heard it making sounds inside the bag.

The Humane Society of Berks County is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Officials aren't sure how the cat survived an estimated six hours in the bag breathing the gasoline fumes. It has been given the nickname 'Miracle Maisy' by shelter workers.

"This is the worst animal cruelty case I've ever seen or experienced," Chelsea Cappellano, an HSBC office coordinator, said in a statement.

"We are so thankful to these men and the trash company for bringing her in. Many people would turn a blind eye in this situation, but they were proactive in getting her the help she needs."

Officials aren't sure how the cat survived an estimated six hours in the bag breathing the gasoline fumes.

"She was so patient as we looked her over for obvious or noticeable injuries," Cappellano told WPVI-TV.

The Humane Society transferred Maisy over to a local veterinary hospital - Humane Veterinary Hospitals Reading.

Staff at the hospital spent hours bathing Maisy and looking over her vital signs.

"The technicians spent all day bathing and drying her," Dr. Kimya Davani said.

"The gas was so embedded in her fur that she wasn't drying, and because of this her internal body temperature had dropped. We had to shave most of her body in order to get her temperature up again. She is also very underweight and suffering from skin sensitivity."

The doctor said that there is concern over the lingering neurological and respiratory effects that could result from prolonged exposure to toxic gas fumes.

Anyone with information should contact the Reading Police Department by calling 610-655-6116.

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