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Mischievous Moggy Unveiled As Serial Neighbourhood Underwear Thief

Source: Express, UK


A serial knicker thief pinching underwear from washing lines was found to be a CAT called Reginald.

Reginald... the four-year-old half Norwegian forest cat has been snatching tights, socks and knickers for months.

The serial swiper took more than 20 items - including men's boxers, a bra, pairs of socks, tights and a baby grow.

After stealing the underwear the black and white rascal proudly displayed his swag by the cat flap for his owners to see.

Now his embarrassed owner Liza Brickell has warned neighbours in Folkestone, Kent, of her cat's naughty habits that began last year.

She said: "Last summer he started bringing in washing from people's houses, but he stopped once it turned colder."

"Now it's that time of year again, he is at it again."

Miss Brickell fears that the same will happen again now the weather is getting warmer.

She added: "He takes stuff all the time."

Owner Liza Brickell has now quite a collection thanks to her Norwegian cat!

"He takes soft toys out and clean washing out from the house."

"We find it hanging off the tree in the garden and he is constantly looking for a reward because he thinks he has been good."

When returning home with the stolen goods Reginald either brings them to his family or leaves them by the cat flap.

Miss Brickell is encouraging anyone who fears their briefs have been snatched by the pesky Tom should contact her.

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