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Final words: Beauty is finally at rest, no more pain and suffering. I stayed with him for the last ten minutes. comforting him. The vets were excellent and explained everything that was happening. I have always loved Beauty's expressive eyes, they were full of expression as he lay on the vet table, he gave me a little miaow, and a purr as I held him, it was wonderful hearing the purr, something I had not heard for at least ten days. We looked at each other and I said my final farewell. The vet came in, a relaxant injection was used first as there was no blood vessel to be found. Beauty did relax over the next five minutes, his eyes watching me all the time, I held his head and front paws, the final injection was very quick indeed, 2 seconds it was over. Beauty was buried with his favourite toys and a few other items. I will be planting an evergreen plant there in about two weeks.

11th November 2002 - Final Update

Sad news...

Beauty's blood levels are all off the scale, the highest the vets have ever seen, he is also anaemic, and there is hardly any urine getting through his kidneys, meaning his blood is being poisoned. Quality of life in this condition is zero, so the decision has been made to allow Beauty to be put to sleep at 5pm UK time. I will be there for him and will take him away to be buried in a friend's garden. I half expected this sad news, although one can never prepare for the reality of it. A very sad day.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all who have given support, sent greetings, sent positive thoughts and e-mails, plus postcards and cards in the post.

I don't honestly know when I will update the site next, I will need time to get my thoughts together and come to terms with this sad loss. I will respond to e-mails as much as possible. The new vets have been absolutely wonderful, explaining everything in detail, they are not worried about payment, that can wait.

11th November 2002

Beauty went downhill during the night, he is very sick and in pain. I spent most of the night comforting him. He managed to take some water from my fingers, didnot try to force feed him as he was very stressed.

I took Beauty to the new Vet straight away, and telephoned the first vet that I would not be coming. Beauty's history has been faxed to the new vet.

As soon as I arrived at the new vets they immediately took him to the Hospital and kept him in, it was obvious he was very sick. Will get an update at 12 noon today as to what is going on.

It feels very strange not having Beauty with me at home.

Positive thoughts and your prayers for Beauty would be very much appreciated.

12 noon: Blood test have been done, awaiting results, will get no further updates until after 4.30 pm when the new vet will have a much clearer picture.

10th November 2002

No good news this morning. Beauty has not improved and as far as I can tell has not worsened.

Have made arrangements for another Vet to see Beauty tomorrow if all does not go well at the regular Vet visit. Expect to get an x-ray done to see if there are any blockages and a blood test on the liver, these should have been done on the very first visit - due to this I am slowly losing confidence in the first Vet, may be the last visit to this one tomorrow.

Will also be buying some Katalax (Oil Jelly), usually used for hairballs and slightly laxative - as I suspect there could be a blockage of some sort in Beauty. The second vet wants the medical history of Beauty before releasing it to me, which is understandable.

I carried Beauty to my bed last night, didnot want him struggling to get up to the bed, he did not leave my side all night. This morning carried him back to the living room and he has had a good drink, will allow him to settle awhile before any attempt at feeding.

Afternoon: Feeding went well, Beauty is drinking well, not too much. Still has pain which I suspect is either from the liver or from a blockage, still unsteady on his feet. He does have his good moments when he is very alert and bright.

9th November 2002

Beauty again made it to my bed last night and slept on one of the pillows. This morning he is still unsteady on his feet, drinking well, but still not feeding on his own.

Tried a different approach today with his medication. Minced a good spoonful of his renal diet, mixed in a crushed tablet and added half-a-spoonful of fresh water, used the feeding syringe and it went down very well. This was thirty minutes ago and so far he has kept it down.

He is still very curious and will get up to investigate noises, especially birds at the window, although he will not go to the window. Will be keeping a very close watch on him today.

Beauty does not seem to be getting worse, progress is very slow though.

He has been better through the day, drinking well but still not eating on his own.

8th November 2002

Had a wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning! Beauty was lying next me on the bed. He had not done this for the last ten days! His strength is returning very slowly. Got his medication down him this morning and some food with no problems. He has actually been drinking on his own as well. Still not eating on his own yet, so will have to continue with the syringe. He is still very lethargic and a little unsteady on his feet. I am amazed he made it from the front room to my bedroom, down a long hallway and then jump onto my bed!

At the moment he is resting, does not like being picked up, will have to tell the vets this as it may give them clues about what else may be going on. This is going to be a long haul rather than a quick recovery.

7th November 2002


Beauty, 7th November 2002 - Looking a lot better.

Finally got the right food this morning. "Waltham Feline Veterinary Diet - Renal Support" - with low phosphorus and low protein. Got the wet sachet chicken one, had to buy a box of 48 sachets. Was very surprised at the low cost! it was 24.99 - I expected to pay more. Found a local Vet that will order it in for me as well. Finally got home and took the vet's advice about force feeding, bought a proper feeding syringe, made sure the food went to the side of the mouth, all went down well, just a small feed to get his kidneys working. He is perking up quite a bit already. Still got a visit to the vet at 2.40 pm. Will give him one more small feed about 1.30 pm.

Feeling good about Beauty at the moment, as long as he starts to feed himself soon all should be well.

He is perking up quite a bit already, may take a few days or more for him to get his strength back and get used to the new diet.

4pm: Back from the vets, Beauty had another blood test. Sad news, his Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN level) and Creatinine are way off the scale, no improvement in two days. Beauty has been taken off the Fortekor until he at least starts to eat properly, an empty stomach and Fortekor do not mix well. Beauty has been given a 5 day course of Penicillin, dissolvable tablets put in water and then syringed directly into the back of the throat is the only way to get the Penicillin into Beauty. Have also given him a second feed, about two tablespoons of wet food, he has fortunately kept it down. At 10.30am Monday he will have another blood test, if the levels are still high then there will be more substantial tests which will be sent off for analysis. Looking at Beauty in his basket he looks very perky, will give him some peace and quiet before the next food and water feed.

I need to get at least 160ml of water and at least 75g of the wet food diet per day into Beauty. This will be done over 5+ feeds per day, feeding every two hours until the minimum requirement is met. Hopefully he will keep all of the feeds down.

6th November 2002

I decided to get a second opinion on Beauty, went to an Animal Medical Center before going to my vet, they gave him a blood test there and then. His Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN level) and Creatinine - both of which are waste products excreted in the urine, was off the scale. This means that at least 70-75% of the kidney function is lost. Whether this will remain so only the future will tell. Have also been advised to force feed him once, and hopefully this should make him feel good and kick start feeding on his own.

The normal Vet visit was good too. Their blood test tallied exactly with the one from the Medical Center. They also gave Beauty Hormone treatment (jab) and another Anti-biotic jab. Another visit tomorrow to check levels and maybe more treatment.

Got home and the first thing he did was go to his food dish and take two very small amounts, this is an excellent sign. he is bright eyed and drinking well. Will have to get some Waltham Renal Failure Low Protein Diet later.

All in all, an excellent start to the day. He is being curious and will get up to check things out, another good sign.

I was very stunned by the sheer amount of e-mails I received after putting the story on Moggies yesterday (5th November), thank you all for the wonderful positive thoughts and words of encouragement, much appreciated.

5th November 2002


Beauty wrapped up on my settee and definitely not well. Nine year old neutered tomcat, he has been with me since he was eight weeks old.

My own moggy Beauty has stopped eating, he is drinking fine. For the first few days I had no worries as he has done this before, but never for three days in a row. After the third day it was time to get to the Vets, they decided to give him an anti-biotic injection.

Next day - 5th November: Beauty went downhill very fast, he has still not eaten. He collapsed this morning, not able to walk and was very disorientated. Emergency visit to the vet, they took a blood test, and gave me Fortekor, half a tablet a day for Beauty. It is definitely Kidney problems or Liver related, the vet stated Beauty has small kidneys. He is drinking water, although half an hour after giving him the first half tablet, he had a good drink and immediately brought it up, he has been drinking since and kept it down. Will get the results for the blood test 10am tomorrow (6th Nov).

Once the blood tests have come through we will have a better picture of what the problem is and also be able to give him the correct treatment.

Beauty has lost a lot of weight and is very weak at the moment. Please send positive thoughts for him.

Personally, I am finding the whole situation very distressing. With love and care I hope to bring good news very soon.


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