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Pets Should Never Be Given As Christmas Presents

Don't send your furry friends back to the returns counter this Christmas.

Britain is a nation of animal lovers and research carried out by The Blue Cross animal charity reveals that half of the UK's pet owners are set to buy their pet a present this Christmas. Some of the luckiest creatures can look forward to finding flashing antlers and collars with bells on them when they wake up on Christmas morning. Or for those owners with more eccentric tastes, Rover could find a special dog bath fitted with a showerhead under the Christmas tree or Tigger the Cat his very own fishing rod.

Although the majority of pet owners adore their pets and treat them as a member of the family, other owners are not so thoughtful.

It's increasingly being noticed that there is a marked increase in pets being abandoned in the weeks leading up to Christmas. People have many reasons for having to give up their animals such as allergies or moving house, but the sudden increase suggests that Christmas may also be a factor. With all the extra stresses and expense at this time of year, many people find they can not cope with their animals and approach the Blue Cross for help. This means that many of its adoption centres are flooded with calls throughout the festive season.

There is no simple answer to the problem other than to urge people to carefully think about the implications of taking on any pet. Young, cute and cuddly animals can appear very attractive but quickly grow and lose their innocent charm. Pets should never be given as Christmas presents.

Stanley, for example, was just a few weeks old when he was found dumped just before Christmas last year in a cardboard box at the side of a Reservoir. Luckily a suitable home with a loving family was found for him.

Our pets are just like any other family member and buying or taking on pets shouldn't be an impulse decision. To help provide food and shelter for the hundreds of unwanted pets over the festive period you can do your bit and lend your support by visiting:

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