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EasyPill For Your Pet

Source: VetExchange, UK


Cat Magazine Editorial

Life's easy with EasyPill - less stress medicating your pet!

Last year (2014), VetExchange launched its highly successful EasyPill range of products providing pet owners with a simple effective method of tableting a cat.

At the forefront of their range is their EasyPill Cat Putty. This product has been designed to allow the owner to rap the putty around a tablet providing a highly palatable and acceptable method in which to administer tablets without fuss or stress.

Professional studies* carried out have shown acceptability exceeds 90 percent with a general average of around 70 percent of cats readily accepting the putty with a tablet. Through its unique patented composition the putty offers all owners, even those owners who can tablet their pet, an effective simple method and may further increase the bond between them and their pet.

EasyPill can be purchased through your veterinary surgeon or online and should you have any queries or concerns contact VetExchange on 01362-850988/858785. Website:

*Panneliss European Palatability Experts

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