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It all started 30 years ago, back then Judi Cole found a stray with a head wound, the male cat had been shot three times, surgery left him with half of an ear, but with the care and attention given by Judi the cat lived to be 24 years old!

Judi then began to take in cats that had been abused or had special needs, or abandoned. At any one time Judi has up to 24 cats. Her back yard has been specially adapted for their needs, with ramps and cushioned floor areas. Her working day begins at 5.30am and usually ends at 10pm, it includes four large washes daily.

Many of her cats have special dietary needs, and daily medication. She often gives round the clock care when a cat needs it. Her aim is to give these animals quality care and attention so they can live happy lives. Costs are high for her, food and medical costs run from 10,000 to 15,000 dollars a year.

Judi and her husband have managed up until now using their own personal income plus donations given by friends or well wishers. But reserves have now been depleted, and it is a struggle to make ends meet.

Financial help is desperately needed, if you can manage to give a donation, no matter how small, please send it to:

Judi Cole
10125 Settle Road
CA 92071

These are some of the cats and their stories:

Chen Chen

Chen Chen came to Judi at the age of two, she had been beaten with a baseball bat, has neurological damage to her rear legs and trouble walking. Chen Chen has little control over her bladder and bowels. Her sister died from the beating.


Scooter has genetic problems which mean his back legs are on backwards. He also has bladder problems.


Jack arrived at only two weeks old. His owner had thrown him and his sister in the trash. He needed a rear leg amputated and his bowel shortened. He only has one kidney, and has a bone missing in both front legs. He has no bladder or bowel control, and needs a special diet.


Charlie had been crushed in a garage door by a child, and beaten. She was paralyzed on her lower half, but regained some use of her legs after receiving PT therapy. She has trouble with her bladder and needs a special diet.

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