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20,000 Thousand Dollars Offered For Return of Rare Missing Pet


Lost cat Postor

Bentley the lost cat.

First, Bentley the cat's owner offered a $5,000 reward. Soon, that amount increased to $7,500. Now, payment for the safe return of the 6-month-old, 12-lb. exotic male Savannah cat stands at a fur-raising $20,000, according to a photo of a flyer posted to Facebook.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the Marina del Rey, California, cat owner is desperate to find her rare breed pet. F2 Savannahs are a hybrid of domestic cats and servals, a medium-sized wild African cat, and they can cost upwards of $4,000.

Bentley's owner has even hired a pet detective and bloodhounds to help track down the cat, who is believed to have escaped from the balcony of her luxury apartment on the 16th of February, 2017.

The cat is declawed and unmicrochipped. Check out his lost pet page here, which includes contact information if you have any knowledge of his whereabouts.

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