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Cat Saves Family's Life After Noticing The Hob Had Been Left On

Source: Metro, UK


Such a clever kitty.

A woman was confused about why her cat kept trying to wake her up until she realised he was saving her family's lives.

Mum-of-one Anna, from Scotland, told Metro that her rescue kitty Blanco was jumping all over her in the middle of the night for apparently no reason.

He was meowing loudly and scratching frantically at the bed, but she couldn't figure out what he wanted.

It was only when she went downstairs to try letting him outside that she noticed her husband, an HGV mechanic, had left the hob on after a night shift and that Blanco had slightly singed whiskers.

"My husband had come back from a back shift at 1am and cooked himself food, he left the pan on very low heat gas and went to sleep."

"Then, at about 3am, the cat Blanco was waking me up in an annoying way as if he wanted something, rather than wanting to play. He usually sleeps at night, and he's toilet trained but I thought he had forgotten where the toilet was."

However, he didn't need the loo so she tried going back to bed.

"I chucked him out of the room and closed the door, but he was jumping on the handle, bashing into the door, scratching the carpet and meowing loudly," Anna continued.

"When nothing worked I went downstairs to let him outside. I opened the garden door, but he didn't want to go out."

"It was then that I smelled something and I looked at the gas stove and found the pan burning."

The next day she noticed that some of his whiskers had curled a bit, as if they'd touched something hot.

"He must have gone to smell the burning pan and didn't like it, and realised there was danger."

Her daughter Ella, who is nine, was apparently "amazed" by the clever kitty's heroic deed.

The family rescued Blanco from an SPCA shelter just two months ago.

"Cats are amazing," Anna added.

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