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You'll Never Lose Rings Again Thanks To This Little Cat Friend

Source: The Daily Dot

Cat Ring Holder

This is a subtle, classy way to show your love for kitties.

If you're the type to lose your rings because you take them off all over the house, allowing your cats to bat them under the furniture, we have a cat to introduce you to that can make your life a bt better.

It's not an animate cat, though (much to the disappointment of your other pets). This little copper kitty from Umbra is not only an attractive object for your sink or dresser, but also is perking its tail up so you can store all of your precious jewels so they can grace your fingers another day.

The collection also features several others animals including a bunny, an elephant, a rooster, a giraffe, and even a reindeer, so if you aren't a cat person one of those might fit you better. At $11.46 for cat friend and $8-11 for the rest, we think they are pretty affordable (not to mention precious).

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