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Inside Flat Of North-East Woman Who Left Cat Without Food & Water

Source: Evening Express, UK

Inside Flat

A Moray woman who left a cat without food and water has been banned from keeping animals for two years.

Locals raised the alarm after hearing the "distressed" cat inside Cassi McCrindle's home in Elgin.

When animal welfare officers got inside, they discovered the flat was strewn with faeces, urine and household debris.

The cat, Albus, was "absolutely ravenous," Elgin Sheriff Court heard.

McCrindle, of Masonic Close, Elgin, admitted abandoning the animal between April 16 and 18 last year.

Fiscal Kevin Corrins said that when the Scottish SPCA and council officers went into her flat, there was a mountain of unopened mail dating back to April 7th.

Albus was "absolutely ravenous" when rescued and continued to be obsessed with food after finding a new home, he said.

Mr Corrins added: "When the cat was with the vet it consumed a substantial amount of food as much as it was allowed at the time."

"In the 10 days the cat was with the SSPCA it put on about 1kg in weight."

McCrindle eventually contacted her landlord, Moray Council, on April 25th to get keys for the new locks at her home.

Defence solicitor Brent Lockie said his client had been suffering from mental health difficulties at the time due to her parent's divorce.

He said: "She simply was not well at the time but is a lot better now. She wouldn't have acted in this manner if it were not for the underlying issues."

"She took over the cat from someone who could not cope with it and got herself in this position."

Scottish SPCA inspector Alison Simpson said: "We hope this sends out a significant message that it is totally unacceptable to leave animals unattended without consequences."

"This cat was lucky that a concerned member of the public alerted us to the situation."

McCrindle was also fined 320 after admitted leaving Albus unattended without access to food and water.

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