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Cat Charity Off To Purrfect Start As It Helps 100's Of Animals

Source: Gazette News, Colchester, UK


Charlotte-Hamilton Macy - adding glamour to cat charity.

Charity launched to help the borough cope with a surge in the number of abandoned cats and kittens is positively purring.

Cats Protection Colchester was launched just over a month ago and has already helped hundreds of animals.

Secretary Jayne McNaughton said: "We were originally covered by Colne Valley."

"It was discovered that there were so many cats in this area that required help."

"We also had a lot of volunteers in this area so we created a new branch."

Jayne believes Colchester has so many cats needing help because it did not have its own branch.

But the fresh branch has attracted 16 volunteers to a meeting and another six have just signed up.

It also has 560 supporters on its Facebook page.

Jayne added: "We have had a really good response and got off to a great start."

Already the volunteers have started dealing with feral felines to stop them breeding further.

Headed by Melva Lingard and Gail Wild, volunteers trap the animals, have them neutered and then release them.

Some 20 cats have been neutered in Greenstead thanks to the support of residents.

A further 15 were also neutered after a colony was found living behind the former Essex County Hospital, in Lexden Road.

Jayne said: "We trap, neuter and release."

"They are caught in the morning and a few vets do a special deal for us with the neutering and then we take them back."

"People in the area are often happy enough to feed them but if there are problems we can try and remove them to a farm in the countryside."

Anyone wanting to help Cats Protection Colchester should ring 0345-260-1079.

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