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Fears Cat Thief Is On The Loose As Three Go Missing In One Night

Source: Plymouth Herald, Cornwall, UK


Kate and David are just two of the victims.

Families fear a feline thief is on the loose after three much-loved Pedigrees went missing on the same night including one belonging to an autistic child.

Floss, Benji and Stachio have all gone missing from the Morice Town-area of Plymouth, and their worried owners fear they may never return.

One mother and son, owners of Stachio, have described their distress, as their feline isn't just for stroking.

"My four-year-old autistic son has meltdowns," explained mum Tinx Nanor, who lives on Fairfax Terrace, "and when he does, Stachio will lay on him and calm him down."

"But since his disappearance we have had nearly two weeks of meltdowns."

She added: "Stachio, who is part Maine Coon, never goes outside, and if he does, for example if the door is open, he never goes further than the boundaries."

The three felines went missing on the night of Saturday, March 11 and morning of Sunday, March 12.

Kate and David Parker, who live on nearby Arundel Terrace in Morice Town, have even contacted the police over the alleged thefts.

Kate, aged 68, said she knew her cat was missing "straight away" when she didn't come inside for breakfast.

"It is like Floss has vanished off the face of the earth," she said. "We have put posters up everywhere and walked for miles around the local area."

"It is not like her to go off. She normally goes outside through her cat flap, but she normally comes in at night, and is always there for her breakfast."

The third victim, Clare Waterfield, who lives with her daughter on Clarence Place, said they noticed Benji's disappearance when he didn't come in for his food which he always does.

Clare said: "He is an outdoors cat, but he is always here when I pull up in my car. As a sports therapist I have lots of clients and he will always greet them."

"He has never gone missing before, and when I spoke to Kate we realised this was more than a coincidence."

"I have knocked on every neighbours' door; I know more people in my street now than I ever have! Everybody has been really helpful, but nobody has seen anything."

All three believe their cats have been targeted, and are extremely worried they will be sold off for their monetary value despite being neutered.

And when the three separate incidents were reported to the local policing team, an officer feared the disappearances were related.

Kate said: "Nobody actually saw the cats being pinched in the night, but they've logged it and they will tell the PCSOs and raise awareness in the area.

"People will pay a lot of money for them as a status symbol. Pedigrees are beautiful to look at, but you can't breed off Floss, who is a Birman, because she is neutered, if that's what they were attempting to do."

"A friend's daughter had hers stolen a while ago, and that cat was found dumped somewhere in Plymouth."

"I'm surprised they managed to even pick her up and carry Floss, because she doesn't like even us doing that. But I guess they are experienced and wrapped her up or something."

Have you seen anything suspicious in the area or has your cat disappeared? Email or call police on 101.

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